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What is an Advertising System?

The Swell Advertising System easily integrates multiple tools and strategies to generate leads, free up time, increase customer service, and drive business without breaking the bank.

With Swell Ad Systems, you get more than a marketing agency – you gain a dedicated partner providing one-to-one customer service, dedicated to your success. From dynamic social media advertising and appointment setting to personalized text message follow-ups and impactful email marketing, we ensure your business stays connected and top-of-mind. Harness the power of missed call text-back, engage through webchat, and experience expert lead generation. Plus, watch your Google reviews soar with our proven strategies. Elevate your local business with us today!

How our Ad System Works

We start with the online ads then build a system that works for you and your business.

Swell Advertising System for Local Businesses
  • Ads - we fill your customer pipeline by generating high-quality leads using engaging, targeted, and affordable online ads

  • Missed-Call-Text-Back - ensure no calls are left unanswered and potential leads are captured promptly with automated text messages

  • Reviews - easily and automatically build your online reputation using text messaging or email messaging to get more reviews

  • Texting - easily engage and communicate with contacts in a more personal and immediate way, fostering stronger relationships

  • Email - communicate with customers or nurture your lead list by scheduling automated customized emails

  • Chat Widget - increase engagement and satisfaction by giving customers and leads an additional avenue to get in touch, ask questions, and receive immediate responses

Who Are We?

We're a Utah-based agency that specializes in helping local companies get more business.

We excel in providing high-quality, business-ready leads through creative and high-targeted advertising on leading social media platforms.
Our strategic methodology not only allows you to focus on your craft but also guarantees that your growth is fueled by genuinely interested clients, helping your business expand efficiently.

Our Process


Gather Content

In this initial step, we collect photos and videos that highlight your craftmanship or service. The visuals serve to attract a greater number of views and potential clients to your business.


Launch Ads

Next, we launch targeted ads based on the content we've collected. These ads are strategically designed and placed on popular social media platforms.


Generate Leads

Finally, we collect information from individuals who are genuinely interested in your products and services. We aim to prioritize business-ready leads and eliminating tire kickers.

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Why Google Reviews Are Crucial For Local Businesses

February 01, 20245 min read
Why Google Reviews Are Crucial For Local Businesses

Why Google Reviews Are Crucial For Local Businesses

In today's digital landscape, online reviews play a pivotal role in shaping a local business's reputation and influencing consumer decisions. Among the various platforms, Google Reviews hold a special place due to their impact on search rankings and customer trust. In this blog post, we'll delve into the vital importance of acquiring Google Reviews for local small businesses, highlighting the benefits and providing real-world examples to illustrate their significance.

The Power of Google Reviews

1. Enhanced Visibility on Google Maps

- Benefit: Google Reviews contribute significantly to your business's visibility on Google Maps, which is critical for attracting local customers.

- Example: A local coffee shop with a high number of positive reviews is more likely to appear prominently in Google Maps searches when users are looking for a nearby café.

2. Builds Credibility and Trust

- Benefit: Positive reviews from satisfied customers serve as powerful endorsements, building trust with potential customers who rely on the opinions of others.

- Example: A local boutique hotel boasting a plethora of glowing Google Reviews is likely to attract travelers seeking a trustworthy and pleasant stay experience.

3. Boosts Click-Through Rates (CTR)

- Benefit: Businesses with star ratings displayed in search results often enjoy higher click-through rates, driving more traffic to their websites or storefronts.

- Example: A local florist with a 4.8-star rating is more likely to get clicks and visits compared to competitors with lower or no ratings displayed.

4. Improves Search Rankings

- Benefit: Google values the quality and quantity of reviews as a ranking factor. A higher ranking can lead to increased organic traffic and more sales.

- Example: A local pizza place with excellent reviews may appear in the top positions of search results when users search for "best pizza in Draper, Utah."

5. Provides Valuable Customer Insights

- Benefit: Reading customer feedback in reviews can help businesses understand their strengths and weaknesses, allowing them to make informed improvements.

- Example: A local auto repair shop can identify recurring issues mentioned in reviews and take steps to enhance their service quality accordingly.

How to Encourage Google Reviews

1. Request Reviews

- Benefit: Actively asking satisfied customers for reviews can lead to a higher number of positive testimonials on your Google My Business profile.

Using the Swell Advertising Systems software platform, a business can easily and quickly send Google review requests via text (SMS) or email to individual customers or lists of customers. With a simple tap of a phone or a click of a mouse, any business send review requests within seconds of a positive business transaction.

- Example: A local tech repair shop may send follow-up texts thanking customers for their visit and politely requesting a Google Review.

2. Provide Exceptional Service

- Benefit: Consistently delivering outstanding service or products encourages customers to leave positive reviews naturally.

- Example: A local family restaurant that goes above and beyond in creating a memorable dining experience is likely to receive rave reviews from delighted patrons.

3. Engage with Your Audience

- Benefit: Responding to reviews, both positive and negative, shows that your business values customer feedback and is committed to customer satisfaction.

Using the Swell Advertising Systems platform, a business can set up an automation to respond automatically to Google Reviews left by customers leaving more time to manage your business. The Swell Advertising System platform can even respond automatically with A.I. generated responses that provide quick responses and informative answers.

- Example: A local fitness studio that responds to negative reviews with empathy and offers solutions demonstrates a dedication to improving its services.

4. Leverage In-Person Interactions

- Benefit: Train your staff to mention Google Reviews during in-person interactions with customers, reminding them to leave a review when they're satisfied.

- Example: A local pet grooming salon may have signage at the checkout counter encouraging customers to share their positive experiences online.

Real-World Success Stories

1. Local Cafe "Brew Bliss"

- Challenge: Brew Bliss faced stiff competition from nearby coffee shops but lacked online visibility.

- Solution: By actively encouraging satisfied customers to leave Google Reviews, Brew Bliss quickly accumulated positive testimonials.

- Results: Within a few months, Brew Bliss appeared at the top of Google Maps search results for "coffee near me," leading to a significant increase in foot traffic and sales.

2. "Green Gardens" Landscaping Services

- Challenge: Green Gardens wanted to establish itself as a trusted local landscaping provider.

- Solution: They focused on delivering impeccable service and asked customers to share their experiences through Google Reviews.

- Results: As their reputation grew, Green Gardens secured numerous landscaping contracts from homeowners impressed by their stellar reviews.

3. "TechWiz" Electronics Repair

- Challenge: TechWiz needed to recover from a few negative reviews that were impacting their business.

- Solution: By addressing the issues raised in those reviews and actively seeking new positive ones, TechWiz turned the tide.

- Results: Their improved Google Reviews profile not only restored their credibility but also boosted business as satisfied customers praised their efficient repairs.


In today's competitive landscape, Google Reviews are not just a nice-to-have for local small businesses; they are a must-have. They enhance visibility, build trust, increase CTRs, improve search rankings, and provide invaluable insights. By actively seeking reviews, delivering exceptional service, engaging with customers, and incentivizing feedback within Google's guidelines, your business can unlock the immense potential of Google Reviews to boost its reputation and drive sales. So, seize this opportunity to connect with your local audience and turn satisfied customers into powerful brand advocates through the magic of Google Reviews.

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